Friday, September 26, 2008

So what did you all think of Grey's? Of course the previews that they were showing in the weeks before the show premiere were deceiving. But I'm glad Rose is not pregos with a McBaby although she is a bit "McLooney!" I was hoping Alex was "changing" his tune, but he is still a big, fat JERK, and Christina is right, Mere does need to "Shut-up!" Christina is the last one she needs to be loading all of her, "man" problems on. And even as Christina was impailed by an icicle Mere still didn't, "Shut-up!" I did like the scenes between Christina and the new guy, Dr McArmy. He will be sticking around, at least so the internet says. I'm still not sure about the Callie/Hahn thing, but that's a whole other issue. And McSteamy teasing Lexie about George was fun to watch. I am really bummed though as next week it won't be on. But I am psyched about Private Practice being on. (Yes, I am a tv junky. I have several things I HAVE to watch and I drive my hubby nuts!) I have passed my TV junkiness onto my children too....yes I am ashamed! Mickey Mouse is on the TV a good bit of the time. Here is Hayd dancing to the songs and Jaxon snuggled on the couch eating his cinnamon waffles. Jax has just recently started being interested in the tv. It is nice to have him sit STILL for 20 minutes...(please don't judge me!) In other news, Daddy Dell got a doe last night. The kids like to get their pictures taken with him when he brings it home, although Hayd wasn't so sure about it last night. He kept running behind dad and staying away from the deer. Miss Maddie gets very excited when Daddy calls and says he got one. She will be hunting with him soon and she can't wait. Off to enjoy a rainy weekend.........

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The McNulty Family said...

Hey, the TV saves lives!! Thank GOD for Mickey Mouse!!! :) So do waffles.. lol!

Thanks for the sweet note. You made me smile from ear to ear! We are honored to be on your list!

Have a great weekend!!!