Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Make A Wish Trip to Disney Day 2

Sunday April 5, 2009 ~ After a restless night's sleep, for me anyway, we got up at 8:00am and ate breakfast at the hotel. We showered and caught the 11:00am shuttle to the airport. We had the kids decked out the their Make A wish t-shirts.
As we checked in and approached the security gates the lines were long, but low and behold the kids did a fantastic job waiting in line. After checking in we grabbed some lunch and waited to board the plane. We had great seats on the plane, right at the front. As we started down the runway the kids were getting very excited. On take off Hayden listened to his headphones as Maddie was in awe of everything getting smaller. Jaxon was so funny....he giggled with delight. He also figured out how to plug in the headphones to listen to the radio on the plane. He started funny! The plane ride and the kids were great. Two different ladies complimented us on how well the kids did. I was delighted to hear them say that. I was nervous about how they would be for the ride. The Give Kids The World Greeter was there to meet us. Leslie was amazing as she helped us with everything we needed to do, get our bags, get our rental van, and give us directions. She was super sweet and a breath of fresh air! Thank you Leslie!!!

Our rental van

We arrived at Give Kids The World Village around 4:45pm. Miss Laura checked us in and showed us the ropes telling us all about what would be in store for us that week. She showed us our awesome villa. It was like home sweet home!
We then took at little stroll down the Avenue of Angels to check out the village we would be spending the next few days in.
House of Hearts (the main desk where you check in and where you get assistance)
Julie's Safari Theatre (where you can watch movies and where we first met Mickey and Minnie)
Ice Cream Palace (Where we got ice cream everynight!) Castle of Miracles (play area, where the spa is and where all the golden stars are hung...that will be in a later post) Matthew's Boundless Playground (This is based off the game CandyLand. The playground is a layout of the game.) Gingerbread House (Where we ate breakfast and supper) Inside the GB House Pictures from the carousel that you can ride everyday, all day long.....for free!!!
After dinner we hit the CandyLand Block Party. We actually got to be the players in the CandyLand game. The kids had a blast. They also had music blaring and of course Hayden took full advantage of shaking his booty!
We were only at GKTW Village for a few hours and already we were having a blast! After the party we of course got some ice cream and tucked the kids into bed to get ready for Monday, our first full day here and the day Hayden gets his wish....TO KNOCK ON MICKEY'S DOOR!!

Make a Wish Trip to Disney.....Day 1

We returned on Saturday from Hayden's Make A Wish Trip to Disney World. We had such an amazing time. I kept a journal of the day to day events, what we did, who we saw, etc. I want to remember every single memory we made on this trip. I want to relive everyday as I read it. I want to feel the feelings I had while living it. I want and I will cherish these days we shared together as a family. All the fun and silly times will be forever sketched in my mind. I will try to do a post a day of the journal writtings complete with pictures. I am warning you now, there will be a ton of pictures. We took over 1,000.....yes 1,000 pictures. I am hoping to start my scrapbook soon too. As I do it I will take pictures of the pages so you can share in our amazing vacation. Let's get started.... Day 1 ~ Saturday April 4, 2009 ~ We left for our hotel in Sterling, VA at 2:00pm. The kids were great for the two hour trek. We decided to get a hotel room for the night across from the airport so we didn't have to rush so much the morning of our flight. After we got settled in our room, we decided to go out for dinner. We found out "Famous Dave's", one of our favorite resturants, was just down the rode. So off we were for some ribs and pulled pork sandwiches. To our surprise, the kids were great at dinner. We scarfed down our food and were on our way. We then stopped for ice cream sundaes & milk shakes. We headed back to our hotel to get ready for bed, but the kids were a bit wired. We finally got them settled and snug in their bed for what is hopefully a good night sleep because tomorrow is the big day.......the kids first plane and the day we go to Disney World......what an adventure it will be!!! be continued.......