Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day! We spent the weekend cooking out with friends. Today is a lazy day. We are all still in our jammies and probably will be all day. Hayden is anxious to get back to school tomorrow. Maddie.......not so much. She hates to get up. Jaxon will start playgroup this week. I will drop him off at 9am and pick him up at 11am. I am anxious to see how he does when I leave. He is a bit of a Mamm's boy. We have a ton of cicada (locust) around here. Every morning Jax likes to go outside and find thier shells. Sometimes he even brings the dead ones in the house...yuck!! Well recently we found one on our deck just starting to shed it's shell. We were outside for two hours watching it. Here are so cool pics.
Jaxon watching in amazment!
Starting to come out of the shell
Free at last!
Remaining shell
I am still wondering how many of these Jaxon actually put in his mouth! No, I really don't want to know!


Anonymous said...

one word ISH!~ that thing is gross.

Anonymous said...

Julie - Those pics are amazing. It's like watching National Geograhic!!!
I can see Jax was fascinated.
The bananas treats looked good too.
Love, Nanny