Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cool Banana-Yogurt Treats

Many times this summer the kids and I made this cool, healthy treat on hot summer days. The recipe is compliments of my friend Shannon. Most of you know that I love to scrapbook, just haven't had the time lately to do it. When I take pictures of the kids I am in "scrapbook mode" thinking of how cool the pictures will look as a story on a photo page. Well, since I haven't had the time to do my scrapbooking I thought I would use my blog as my scrapbook for now until I can get my pics organized and actually sit down and physically do it. So here is my scrap page of

"Cool Banana-Yogurt Treats"

You will need:

Some cute kids

Bananas Any flavor yogurt-we used Trix Cotton Candy
Sprinkles or chocolate chips
First, you slice the bananas
Then you dip them in the yogurt
Add the sprinkles
Put in the freezer for 15-20 minutes
Enjoy your Cool Yummy Treat!!!
The kids just love these. The next time we made them Jax got in on the action too. So try em and let us know how they turn out!

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