Friday, September 5, 2008

The kids had a fabulous first two weeks of school. Hayden & Jaxon are settling in nicely to our new routine of eating lunch early for the bus to pick up Hayd and Jax is getting use to taking an earlier nap because we have to pick up Maddie at school. Hayden is enjoying the bus rides and is excited to come home and tell us all he did at school. Maddie is learning that third grade is more work than second. She now has actual books she has to bring home and do work out of. She came home yesterday and said, "My bookbag is soooo heavy Mom" She likes to get her homework done as soon as she walks in the door so she has the rest of the night to play. Does this mean she won't be a procrastinator like her mother?? Hopefully!
Mads hitting the books.
As I was helping Maddie with homework Jaxon started giving me that look, ya know the look of....I'm pooping! I asked him, "What are you doing?" He proceeding to run behind the couch giggling.
Looking at what Hayd did at school with a monkey on my back!

Maddie using her photography skills

Jax...Can I take your picture?? He does this often when I pull out my camera.

Okay then, I'll take a pic of Mads & Hayd

Can I take it now??? Guess not!

Maddie trying to steal "B", Jaxon's blanket

Is this the only pic I will get of you today Jax?

Finally, after 20 minutes, a good, cute pic of Jax

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


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