Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me Monday and a Prayer!


Haven't done any Not Me's for awhile so I thought I would join in MckMama's blog carnival today to NOT admit what I did the past week. Hop over to MckMama's blog to read more Not Me's! Happy to find the BIG can of pumpkin in my cupboard I did not make three batches of pumpkin cookies and eat at least half of them myself. Jaxon is battling allergies, a cold, something that makes the snot just pour out his nose at times. I was not upstairs cleaning as he came to tell me something, snot down to his lips, I did not proceed to use my hand to wipe his snot and I did not wipe it on my pants because the tissues where the whole way in the bathroom and the trek to get to the bathroom 10 feet away would have been way too much for me to do. I was cleaning ya know and I couldn't be disturbed! Speaking of Jax, I did not let him sleep in our bed on Friday night because he kept waking up from being congested and I got tired of going over to his room every 1/2 hour to comfort him and blow his nose. I would never let our children snooze comfortably in our bed....never! I did not let Maddie have two sleepovers this weekend. One at her friend Cara's and then the next night at my parents. I thought I would regret it with her not wanting to get up this morning for school, but to my surprise she woke up on her own 1/2 hour before I was going to wake her....and we were waaaay early for school this morning! Maybe we should do that again next weekend!! With Hayden having his tonsils out I did not let him have a popsicle for breakfast on Saturday morning because his throat hurt and then I did not let him have as many as he wanted throughout the day. I did not make a "suttle" hint to my Aunt Kathy about making her chicken pot pie for us and I am sooooo not totally excited we are having it for dinner tonight! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Please say a prayer for us today, Hayden is having his kidney ultrasound to check for tumors. Pray his kidneys are clean and everything is good!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is That A Deer I See?

Brian took Mads and Hayd out to my brother-in-law's family farm to look for deer. Hayden get so excited to go even though I really don't think he can see any of the deer. He gets is binoculars just like Daddy's and is ready to go!
Love this pic.
Right before this picture was taken there were about 10 ten deer standing behind where the kids are standing.
Our Future Hunters!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yes, I took a little blogging break. It has just been so CRAZY around here! We are getting geared up for Hayden's upcoming surgery on Thursday.....getting his tonsils and adenoids out. I have loaded up on ice cream and popsicles, yogurt, pudding and jello. I think we are set to go. He has been talking about it, but I don't think he really understands what is going to happen. On Thursday afternoon I met a friend at the local play place for Jax to let off some steam. It was his first time there and he had a blast! I even let him play in that dreaded, germy ball pit. Yes, I know....shocker! Here are some pics of his fun time!!
We had a few days in the past two weeks of delays from school and a day off too from the snow. Here is what the kiddos did to pass the time.
This girl could do crafts everyday....all day if I let her. She gets the crafty genes from both her grandmothers.
This kid on the other hand would rather eat the markers instead of putting them on paper.
Here is Jax after a fresh new way over do hair cut! Doesn't he look adorable??!!!
We signed Maddie up for baseball in the Spring and Hayden up for T-ball. We went out and got Hayden a glove and of course Jax needed one too. He played with it for a hour after we got home. Then he was watching some tunes and ended up falling asleep on the couch. I happend to peak in on him and noticed he didn't want to let go of that ball. Too cute!!
On a sad note, my grandpa passed away today. He was 95 soon to be 96 in May. He had been in a nursing home the past two years. He lived on his own up til then. The past week he had gone down hill, we knew it was a matter of time. Maddie was in the room when my dad called to tell me he had died. A few minutes later I was in the living room by myself and the following is our conversation....
Mad - "Mommy, I'm sorry your grandpa died."
Me - "It's okay, Mommy will be okay. I'm sad, but I think it was for the best."
Mad - "Are you happy he died?"
Me - "No, I'm not happy. It's just that Grandpa lived a full life and he was sick and in some pain and it is somewhat a blessing that he went to Heaven. I know that's hard for you to understand. But he is now in Heaven with my Grandma."
Mad - With her eyes really big and a delighted grin on her face. "Boy, I bet they are having a good time in Heaven!!"
Me - "Yes, Maddie, I bet they are!"
Grandpa, I hope you and Grandma found each other and continue your love for one another. We will miss you, but we know you are happy again in Grandma's arms.