Monday, June 15, 2009

Congratulations Graduate!!!

Hayden graduated preschool last Tuesday night. We are so happy for him as he was so excited for this day. He was so proud of himself as were we! Yet there is a bit of sadness in my heart as I know he will be moving on from this wonderful program and from his wonderful teachers and therapists. Although I am happy of all of his accomplishments I am a bit scared about Hayden's future education. I know he is going to need a lot more help than a regular child. His visual impairment and developmental delays will definately be an obstacle for him. I read of other parents of special needs children having to fight for services for there children. We have been lucky so far to have been on the same page (almost:-) with all of the teachers and therapist Hayden has met over the years. I try not to let myself think too far ahead and worry about the future, but how can you not? Hayden will be going to a visually impaired classroom next year. We were set on sending him to the same elementary school as Maddie with learning support. We adore our local elementary and the teachers, but when we went to tour the VI classroom our minds changed. Brian and I both had the same feeling as we entered the classroom and talked with the teacher. His needs will be met there with the technology they have and all the adaptations they have for visually impaired children. Hayden will be able to learn at his own pace with a lot more one on one teaching. He will be taught braile, something we think he definately needs to learn. With Hayden having glaucoma the chances of him loosing his vision is something that could happen. Although he is stable now, that could change at any time. Why not teach it to him now while he is young. Why wait? Hayd is very excited to start his new school in the fall. I am anxious to see how he does having to get up early and be at school all day. The first few weeks may be rough :-) But we certainly think he is ready. He loves going to school. I just hope it stays that way!! Here is the video I made of his graduation. It's about 10 minutes long, but worth the time! Enjoy!