Friday, September 26, 2008

So what did you all think of Grey's? Of course the previews that they were showing in the weeks before the show premiere were deceiving. But I'm glad Rose is not pregos with a McBaby although she is a bit "McLooney!" I was hoping Alex was "changing" his tune, but he is still a big, fat JERK, and Christina is right, Mere does need to "Shut-up!" Christina is the last one she needs to be loading all of her, "man" problems on. And even as Christina was impailed by an icicle Mere still didn't, "Shut-up!" I did like the scenes between Christina and the new guy, Dr McArmy. He will be sticking around, at least so the internet says. I'm still not sure about the Callie/Hahn thing, but that's a whole other issue. And McSteamy teasing Lexie about George was fun to watch. I am really bummed though as next week it won't be on. But I am psyched about Private Practice being on. (Yes, I am a tv junky. I have several things I HAVE to watch and I drive my hubby nuts!) I have passed my TV junkiness onto my children too....yes I am ashamed! Mickey Mouse is on the TV a good bit of the time. Here is Hayd dancing to the songs and Jaxon snuggled on the couch eating his cinnamon waffles. Jax has just recently started being interested in the tv. It is nice to have him sit STILL for 20 minutes...(please don't judge me!) In other news, Daddy Dell got a doe last night. The kids like to get their pictures taken with him when he brings it home, although Hayd wasn't so sure about it last night. He kept running behind dad and staying away from the deer. Miss Maddie gets very excited when Daddy calls and says he got one. She will be hunting with him soon and she can't wait. Off to enjoy a rainy weekend.........

Thursday, September 25, 2008

You're wearing what to school?

At Hayden's school they have a letter of the week that they concentrate the lesson on for that week. A few weeks ago the letter was "W". Therefore that Wednesday was labeled "Wacky Wednesday". They did everything backwards that day and to top it off they wanted all the children to dress wacky. Below is Hayden's outfit he wore for that day. Of course that was the day we were ready for school early and he wanted to sit on the porch. The people driving by probably thought, "what the heck is that mother doing letting her son dress like that?" You should have seen the look on the bus drivers face when Hayd got on the bus!! So tonight is the night....the premiere of Grey's Anatomy!!!!! I can hardly wait! For those of you who don't know me I am a total Grey's freak! My friend Andrea and I get together every week at each other's house for "Grey's Night", a little snack and a glass......or two of wine. I am so wound up for this. Yea, I said I was a freak about it!!

Maddie signed up for Girl Scouts last night. She is officially a Brownie. I remember when I was little I was a Brownie too. I had the whole sha-bang......the brown skirt, vest, hat, sash. I'll try to find the picture of me I was kind of cute! She is excited about the one field trip. They are going to Petco. She is obsessed with going there....she always asks to stop there when we are over that way. So get ready family and friend, she will be asking you to buy those yummy cookies soon!!!!

Jaxon has his fourth day at play group tomorrow. Last Friday he cried when I left and the teacher said he cried most of the time he was there. Today I asked him if he wanted to go tomorrow and he shook his head no and looked at me weird. I have a feeling tomorrow is not going to be a good day, but hopefully he will prove me wrong!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Peanuts, Cracker Jacks, Good Friends, & Lots of Pictures

Wow! What a great weekend Brian and I had!!!! A few weeks ago we received a gift from a dear friend, who knew Brian and I were looooong over due for an "US" weekend. The gift was tickets to the Final Series at Yankee Stadium. A place Brian and I have never been and always have wanted to go. We were so psyched to able to be a part of this historic event.....The Last Series. For those of you non-baseball fans, Yankee Stadium has been around for 85 years and they are building a new stadium right beside it. So much history has been made in the "old" Yankee Stadium, for us to get the chance to go there is amazing!!
To make our trip even greater, our friends from the WAGR Group, Catherine & Irma live close by, so we knew we HAD to stop and see them. Catherine offered her chauffeur services to take us to our Yankee Clipper Ferry ride to the game. Good thing because we probably would have been lost otherwise!
Here we are with Catherine and Irma
The Ferry ride was amazing. It took us on a little cruise down the Hudson River. The ride to the game I almost froze to death though. We sat inside, underneath the covering when we should have been sitting out in the sun. But it was still a very relaxing, enjoyable ride. I don't think Brian and I ever sat so still and just enjoyed the time together of just the two of us. Here are some pics of our ride.
The ferry took us right to Yankee Stadium. We hardly had to walk far. In this picture the right is the old stadium and on the left is the new stadium.
Our seats were great, right at the rail in left field.
The guys that did the field were so great! As they combed the field they did a dance to the song "YMCA"
This was the count down sign to the final game. As we got there it was at - 2 Games left at Yankee Stadium
About half way through the game it changed to 1...sniff, sniff.
Jason Giambi
My personal favorite Derek Jeter.
Cool pic of the pitcher
Johnny Damon
Our locals will appreciate this!
Retired numbers
The game was scoreless until the final inning and the Yankees did win. We then enjoyed the ferry ride back to meet with Catherine and Irma. We went to buy the kids Yankee shirts...Jeter of course, and hats and then we had a great dinner with Catherine and Irma. Our time with them was way too short, but that gives us an excuse to go back soon.
Thanks Cath & Irma for everything you did for us. We had a fabulous time. We love you! Thank you to the selfless person who surprised us with the tickets. You will never know how much this meant to Brian and I to get some alone time. It refreshed us tremendously! We are forever grateful to you!! Thank you to Brian's mom and my mom & dad for watching the kids. We are lucky to have such great grand parents for our kids. We know they are well taken care of and maybe just "a little" spoiled when they are with you, but that's okay! We are truly blessed.....thank you!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Little Alone Time

Brian and I had a fantastic weekend! By the pic can you see where we got to go?? Brian's hat is a clue. Full update will be posted by tomorrow night complete with a new look for our blog. Stay tuned!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blogging Nap

This picture of Hayden shows perfectly how I have been feeling lately!! Sorry I have taken a blogging nap. We've just been so busy! I promise a full update on the Dell Five after the weekend.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Baseball Game & Rain

We had somewhat of a soggy weekend. It poured buckets on Saturday from Hurricane Hanna. Sunday was nice though. Maddie was invited to go to a local baseball game with my sister & her family. She had a good time. Here is Maddie with her cute cousin Kayla.
Brian, and the boys just hung out. Football season started so that is where Brian and Hayden spent most of the day, watching "bootball" as Jax says. I started to get organized. I got into the "throw away" mood. Cleaning out drawers and pitching the stuff I thought we would need someday. Some things I have had for years and never used so they got tossed. I will be working on the craft closet and migrating towards the upstairs this week. Then onto Maddie's room. I need to do it when she is not here so she doesn't see what I throw out. She's becoming quite the pack-rat! Today is going to be a yucky day again so maybe I will get alot done while the kids are in school and Jax is napping. Here are some pics I took this morning. Yes, it was quite fun getting the kids in the car this morning in this.....

Friday, September 5, 2008

The kids had a fabulous first two weeks of school. Hayden & Jaxon are settling in nicely to our new routine of eating lunch early for the bus to pick up Hayd and Jax is getting use to taking an earlier nap because we have to pick up Maddie at school. Hayden is enjoying the bus rides and is excited to come home and tell us all he did at school. Maddie is learning that third grade is more work than second. She now has actual books she has to bring home and do work out of. She came home yesterday and said, "My bookbag is soooo heavy Mom" She likes to get her homework done as soon as she walks in the door so she has the rest of the night to play. Does this mean she won't be a procrastinator like her mother?? Hopefully!
Mads hitting the books.
As I was helping Maddie with homework Jaxon started giving me that look, ya know the look of....I'm pooping! I asked him, "What are you doing?" He proceeding to run behind the couch giggling.
Looking at what Hayd did at school with a monkey on my back!

Maddie using her photography skills

Jax...Can I take your picture?? He does this often when I pull out my camera.

Okay then, I'll take a pic of Mads & Hayd

Can I take it now??? Guess not!

Maddie trying to steal "B", Jaxon's blanket

Is this the only pic I will get of you today Jax?

Finally, after 20 minutes, a good, cute pic of Jax

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jaxon's First Day of Play Group

Jax had his first day of Play Group today. We have been psyching him up for this as he hasn't really been away from me. He has been to the YMCA babysitting a few times while I had my workout, but Hayden or Maddie has always been with him. So him being there by himself is a big deal. When we got there Jax went right over and started playing with the toys as Mommy and Hayden said hi to our old friends there. Hayden went to playgroup too at Jaxon's age and went until last year. They were all happy to see their buddy Hayden, especially Miss Peggy. Hayden and her had a special bond and I know she missed him so much, but is happy to know she will see him when we bring Jax to group every week. We chatted for a while and then said goodbye to Jax. He gave us a kiss and was back to playing. Didn't seem to be bothered that mommy was leaving him there. When we picked him up two hours later he saw me and stuck out his pouty lip. Miss Debbi, the teacher, said he did cry a little after we left and once and a while he would stick out his lip, but he did have a good time and he did really well. I asked him if he wanted to go back next week and he said yes. I am anxious to see what he does when we show up there again. I wanted to get his picture on the porch before we left, just like I did for Hayden and Maddie on their first day of school. Jaxon gets in his moods where he absolutely DOES NOT want his picture taken. Well today was one of those days. Here is the first pic I got.......he's so stubborn!!
Pouty Face!
I told him he could look at the picture, but I would need to take another one after he looked. He agreed!
Happy to look!
Finally got a good pic after some bribery! How innocent.....yea right!

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