Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Sleep....something I love to do and thankfully something my children like as well. I have never had a problem with getting the kids to bed.....ever. The funny thing is they all loved to snuggle in their cribs. I have heard horror stories of other parents trying to get their kids to stay in their cribs....not us! Maddie had to be in her crib for her nap or she would not take one. At night she would fall asleep anywhere she was whether it be her crib, the couch, your lap. She was and is an excellent sleeper.
Jaxon neeeeeeds his crib. The only other place he will fall asleep is the car.....sometimes. This boy just adores his bed with all of his "things"....two little pillows, 2 "B's" (his blankets), a baby doll (shhh), a stuffed puppy, and Grover from seasame street. He has a routine, he lays down, you cover him up, then he yells, "kiss, kiss" and you have to kiss him again and then he lays down, you cover him up and then he says, "bye, bye" before you leave and if you don't say bye back he will keep screaming it until you do.....weird, I know! But then that's it, you don't hear from the kid til the morning. Hayden....well lets just say Hayden can sleep anywhere....I mean ANYWHERE. And when he is out.....he is out!! Here are a few (lol) photos of Hayden sleeping......wherever
Reading a book

Watching Mickey Mouse

In the car

In the hospital

Here he was sitting on the end of the couch singing one minute and sleeping the next

Watching videos on the computer

In his undies

Standing up

Reading before bed

On the kitchen floor

In the highchair

And the best place of all........snuggled up in Daddy's arms!


Anonymous said...

Too cute!!!
Then Daddy was always a good sleeper too. Aunt Bev always said she never saw kids go to sleep as fast my boys.
I noticed Jaxon was actually trying to climb IN his crib when I was with them the other weekend.
Love, Nanny

Anonymous said...

I think my favorite pic is the one of Hayden in his undies sprawed out on the cute! Also, I can't get over the one of him standing by the sofa....boy I think his profile looks just like Jaxon in that picture! They are getting so how time flies. Miss you guys!


Faithful Froggers said...

Oh, those pictures were hilarious! I can't believe he falls asleep like that. I thought all of my guys were good sleepers - but not THAT good. :)