Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Still Here and Having Fun!

Yes, the Dell's are still around...just very busy! We are having lots of fun this summer. Maddie & I got the chance to go to the OBX with a dear friend for a week in June. We had so much fun just us girls! Brian held down the fort at home with the help of some very good friends. The boys and the house survived the week or should I say Brian survived the week! :-) Here are a few pics....
Shopping in Hateras Golf anyone? Maddie got a hole in one! The whole family was then off to WAGR Weekend in Maryland. We always look forward to this weekend. We get to meet some of the families we got to know through the WAGR support group. The emotions, love and support we get from this special weekend is the most amazing thing. We would be utterly lost without the IWSA. The park it was held at was fantastic. Saturday we had some free time so we took advantage of the water park, complete with tunnel slides.
Maddie on the slide. She just loved them!!
Of course Daddy had to join in the fun!
They also had a little section for the wee ones. Hayden went down this slide at least 50 times!
We have also been going to cookouts & birthday parties. Our local theater has free movies for the kids. We have gone there once so far and are planning to go next week. I tend to use it as a bribe and a treat for good behavior!
We also have our own set of birthday's coming up. Hayden will be 6 tomorrow July 23rd. Jaxon will be 3 on Aug 3rd, and Miss Maddie will be 9 on Aug 28th. I can't believe my babies are all growing up so fast!
Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!