Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Baseball Game & Rain

We had somewhat of a soggy weekend. It poured buckets on Saturday from Hurricane Hanna. Sunday was nice though. Maddie was invited to go to a local baseball game with my sister & her family. She had a good time. Here is Maddie with her cute cousin Kayla.
Brian, and the boys just hung out. Football season started so that is where Brian and Hayden spent most of the day, watching "bootball" as Jax says. I started to get organized. I got into the "throw away" mood. Cleaning out drawers and pitching the stuff I thought we would need someday. Some things I have had for years and never used so they got tossed. I will be working on the craft closet and migrating towards the upstairs this week. Then onto Maddie's room. I need to do it when she is not here so she doesn't see what I throw out. She's becoming quite the pack-rat! Today is going to be a yucky day again so maybe I will get alot done while the kids are in school and Jax is napping. Here are some pics I took this morning. Yes, it was quite fun getting the kids in the car this morning in this.....

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Anonymous said...

Hey there! We were glad Maddie could go to the game. The girls had a blast!

Aunt Nikki