Thursday, September 25, 2008

You're wearing what to school?

At Hayden's school they have a letter of the week that they concentrate the lesson on for that week. A few weeks ago the letter was "W". Therefore that Wednesday was labeled "Wacky Wednesday". They did everything backwards that day and to top it off they wanted all the children to dress wacky. Below is Hayden's outfit he wore for that day. Of course that was the day we were ready for school early and he wanted to sit on the porch. The people driving by probably thought, "what the heck is that mother doing letting her son dress like that?" You should have seen the look on the bus drivers face when Hayd got on the bus!! So tonight is the night....the premiere of Grey's Anatomy!!!!! I can hardly wait! For those of you who don't know me I am a total Grey's freak! My friend Andrea and I get together every week at each other's house for "Grey's Night", a little snack and a glass......or two of wine. I am so wound up for this. Yea, I said I was a freak about it!!

Maddie signed up for Girl Scouts last night. She is officially a Brownie. I remember when I was little I was a Brownie too. I had the whole sha-bang......the brown skirt, vest, hat, sash. I'll try to find the picture of me I was kind of cute! She is excited about the one field trip. They are going to Petco. She is obsessed with going there....she always asks to stop there when we are over that way. So get ready family and friend, she will be asking you to buy those yummy cookies soon!!!!

Jaxon has his fourth day at play group tomorrow. Last Friday he cried when I left and the teacher said he cried most of the time he was there. Today I asked him if he wanted to go tomorrow and he shook his head no and looked at me weird. I have a feeling tomorrow is not going to be a good day, but hopefully he will prove me wrong!

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