Monday, November 23, 2009

Jax at Preschool

The other day Jax had a field trip at preschool. Before we left the kids showed the parents their morning routine.
First we made a craft.....Froot Loop necklaces.
Then the calendar and The Pledge Of Allegiance. Jaxon's job for the day was to be the flag holder.
He looks so thrilled, doesn't he?
Then they sang some of their Thanksgiving songs for us. Sooo cute!!
Here's a video of the Pledge. Jaxon wasn't saying it, but he knows all the words and says it at home all the time. I'll try to catch it on's adorable!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Skating for Wishes

Sunday night we enjoyed a night of Skating. All proceeds went to the Truck Convoy For Wishes. The kids had a and dad had fun too! Maddie's name got drawn and she won a special Webkinz. Hayden got a Gift Card for a yummy pizza place for doing so well at the Hokey Pokey. We also recieved a special gift that we totally were not expecting from a special lady. Her name got drawn for the ipod Nano they were giving away and she didn't want it. She offered it to us! How sweet was that?! We have been truly blessed by being part of the Make A Wish Foundation. Not just by the things we have recieved but by the selfless people we have met through it. Our lives are forever changed and for that we are grateful!
Jax learning the ropes
Maddie, looking like a pro
Me & Hayd
Big Bird & Elmo even came for a visit....even on skates!
Hayd did great....this was him by the end of the night. Taking a break
Here's a video of the night...enjoy!