Monday, January 11, 2010

What a Great Night!!!

We had the pleasure of attending the Kevin Sharp Concert that benefitted the Make A Wish Foundation this past weekend. You may remember last year at this event Hayden went up on stage and helped sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." This year we were asked to put a video together about Hayden's Make A Wish (MAW) Trip to show people how MAW helps families when they are going through some difficult times. How it helps you forget about doctors and medicine and all your worries and how it helps families to just be normal without a care in the world. After Kevin's AMAZING show (He's so funny and down to earth), Kevin called Hayden and Maddie up on stage and talked to Hayd a bit then they showed our video. After the show Kevin was signing autographs. We waited til the end because we knew Hayd would want to "hang out" for awhile (the social butterfly that he is!) It turned into quite a fun and hilarious time. Hayden even gave Kevin an autograph of his own. He also had his own photoshoot with Hayd being the photographer and Kevin being the one being photographed. Hayden was so funny and I caught some of it on tape. Here is some video clips of the night. It's about 9 1/2 minutes long....make sure you watch til the end. Hayden had Kevin sign the tablecloth and asked why he scribbles so then Hayden signed the tablecloth too.

These are the pics Hayden took. He did great on the last one....even held the camera sideways!

We had a fabulous night and we can't wait until the MAW Truck Convoy in May. They are having a whole weekend of events that we are hoping to participate in. Thank You Sherri from MAW for organizing a terrific event and Thank You Kevin, Dan and John for putting on another fantastic show and most of all for making our little hero smile!!!!