Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Dress

Maddie and I go to Kohl's on Saturday with my measley 20% off. I have never-ever gotten a 30%off, everyone else I know has, but NOT me. But I keep my head held high with my 20% and try to fine some sneaks for Mads and some pants that actually fit her. We go to the clearance section (always my first stop!) No pants but we find a cute least I thought it was cute. Maddie turned up her nose, as usual. It was a summer dress and I told her maybe by summer her taste would change and she would like it. I MADE her try it on and low and behold she said she didn't like it. I bought it anyway because it was adorable on and it was only $11. We get home and she says, "Mom, can I try that dress on again?" I say, "Of course!" grinning, knowing she is coming around to liking it. She puts it on and puts on some music. It is a flowy dress, so when she spins it look pretty cool. I see her start dancing in it and I can tell she is starting to admire the dress more. I tell her I want to take a pic of her in her new dress......did I tell you it was only $11??!

Really cute...right! Now Mads decides she wants to pose. Such the model in it!!
Dance in it and act crazy, all the while modeling in between. After about half and hour of dancing and modeling in THE DRESS
Maddie says, "Mom"
"Yes Maddie", I say
"I really like THE DRESS!"
Looking shocked, even though I wasn't, "You do? I looks really cute on you!"
"I know!" she says, and carries on her way while I am once again chalking one up for mom, the lady who picks out ugly stuff and as Maddie says!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Maddie,
I love the dress on you. Your turning into a beautiful young lady..........Darlene

Anonymous said...

Mads - I love the dress! and you look beautiful in it!!!
Love, Nanny

Faithful Froggers said...

Oh, I love this story! Way to go, Mom! :) And Maddie does look beautiful in that dress. And for $11? You really scored big.