Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lot of Treats...No Tricks....Well just one:-(

The kids enjoyed a night of Trick or Treating on Tuesday. It was very cold and windy, but they didn't mind. Hayden would yell "Trick or Treat" before he even got to the doors and once they opened the door for some reason he thought he was suppose to enter every house. He would then root through their candy dish. Let's just say Hayden's manners were NOT up to par. I think he was over excited and he wanted to do everything by himself. He only fell about 5 times.....that's pretty good for a visually impaired kid walking in the dark, huh?! Jaxon was especially good (I guess Jax and Hayd wanted to switch roles that night). He would say "trick or treat" the whole time we were walking but then would not say it to the person giving him candy. He did say "Thank you" very sweet though. Maddie, well she just wanted to get to as many houses as possible. She even used her sweet little smile to get a regular sized candy bar from someone. That's my girl!
Sharpay(from High School Musical), A New York Yankee, & A Little Fireman

Of course we had to stop at Nana & Papaw's for some treats!

Cousin Kayla came to join in the fun!

Wow! Do you think they got enough candy??
Jaxon enjoying a chocolate bar
Lots of good CHOCOLATE.....for Mommy!!
The trick was that some kids stole two of the kids painted pumpkin masterpieces that we did last week and smashed them down the street :-(( That's the only thing I don't like about Halloween. Darn kids!! Maddie was very sad.
P.S. Did you check out the miracle at MckMama's Blog? How sweet is that precious MckMuffin?


Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween Dell Family!

Hey Julie, I agree that chocolate candy sure does look yummy.~ I love all your costumes,way to cute. Maddie,Hayden,Kayla,and Jaxon. I hope you had lots of fun.

Trick or Treat..........~Darlene

*I hear lots of churches are doing trick or trunks where congragation members go to the church parking lot and hand out candy/treats to the kids from the trunks of their cars. I think its a really neat idea,especially when its cold.

Anonymous said...

Correction~ I meant trunk or treat(same effect).

Open your Eyes. said...

Im jealous! I wish Halloween was as as thi in England! The photo at the top of your blog is so precious! x.