Friday, October 3, 2008

What's up with the word "pee-pee"?

The following video is a regular night at the Dell household. The kids always seem to want to wrestle Daddy and be goofballs. I usually sit on the sidelines saying, "Watch out someone's going to get hurt!" and comforting the one who got sat on or plowed over (and yes sometimes it is Daddy!). Yesterday I grabbed my camera instead. I took a few videos and it seems as though when I video lately Hayden always has to mention the word "pee-pee". Why is this??? When Maddie was Hayden's age she use to do the same thing.....always talked about bodily functions and giggling afterwards. Take notice to how fast I turn off the camera after he said it because I was planning on posting the video here and didn't want that in it. Then I thought, oh well, I'll share it anyway, because it is funny. Enjoy.....

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