Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday

I did not stalk MckMama's blog last Monday so I could try to be in the top ten of the Not Me Monday Blogger's. I did not get to be #10 and then realize I didn't link my site right. So I had to re-enter and ended up being #14. I so DO NOT want to be #1 one day!!
I did not laugh during my son's ultrasound last week because he ripped one while the tech was scanning him. (The tech laughed too)
I did not suffer two and a half weeks with a sore throat and then finally go to the doctor because I finally had time too. The doctor did not instruct me, "Next time, don't wait two and a half weeks to come." I am not on an antibiotic and a steroid now.
I did not pat myself on the back when I hit the jackpot at the grocery store and bought tons off the 1/2 price dented can shelf.
I did not yell at Jaxon and put him in his crib for 30 minutes because he took the body wash out of the bathroom and squirt it all over the up stairs, in our bedroom, of course.
I did not find the boys playing under the table with blankets and a pile of diapers I JUST put away.

Lastly, I certainly DID NOT have a total blast with my daughter and my friend Andrea and her daughter Friday night at the opening night of High School Musical 3. The girls did not dress up like Sharpay and act goofy. I am a total nerd.....the movie was great! After the movie we did not pig out at Damon's and then go home and go to bed!

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Kameron said...

I know how you feel about getting that coveted #1 spot. I actually did it 3 weeks ago and I was so stoked! We sound so pathetic, don't we!! :o) Have a great week!

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

How fun that you got your girl time!!!!

So NOT nerdy!


3 Bay B Chicks said...

Ah, yes. It really is the dream that links us all, isn't it? To be in MckMama's top ten. LOL.

Totally enjoying your Not-Me's today. Super funny. Love the fact that you were at the opening night of High School Musical 3. Isn't that we have children? To participate in these activities? :)

I can also completely relate to the body wash crime scene in your bedroom. After having kids, I now own a whole army of cleaners and sprays that I never thought I would buy.

Ashley Griffin said...

i have never made it in the top ten. but it's nice to have a dream! and little boys and passing gas... i don't know anything about that!!