Friday, August 29, 2008

Birthday Pics

Maddie had a good birthday! (Not sure why my typing is underlined) She took a snack into school of popcorn and yogurt to share with her friends. The days of taking in cupcake to school are over. They only allow healthy snacks, which is a good thing. For dinner her birthday request was Jerry & Sal's Pizza with mushrooms and pepperoni's. You Hanovarians know how yummy Jerry & Sal's Pizza is. It is the only pizza we get.
We then (oh, underlining is gone) finished the day off with a tie dyed birthday cake and everyones favorite...PRESENTS!
Such a drama queen!
Like I said....goofball!!!
Miley Cyrus CD
This kid is a total freak about orange Tic Tacs. Asks for them everytime we go to the store.
Hannah Montana lotion
Loves puzzles (thought I would throw in some learn there with the USA one!)
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