Monday, January 12, 2009

Make A Wish + Kevin Sharp = Good Times!

We had the priviledge of attending the Partners in Hope concert with Kevin Sharp for the Make A Wish Foundation on Friday night. We were only four rows from the stage. We had such a great time. If you don't know about Kevin Sharp and MAW here is the short version.... At age 17 Kevin was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma (a form of bone cancer) that also spread to his lungs. They weren't sure if he would live six months and he was referred the the Make A Wish Foundation. His wish was to meet David Foster, producer/performer. To everyones surprise Kevin went into remission and has been since 1991. His friendship with David helped launch his dream of singing. Kevin never forgot the MAW Foundation for what they did for him. He is now a national spokesperson for MAW. For more about Kevin visit his website. Hayden's picture is on it in the "fan photo" section from the MAW Convoy last year. Hayden and some of the other MAW kids were invited up on stage to sing row, row, row your boat. Hayden did want to go up unless Mommy took him.....not something I wanted to do! I handed the camera off to Brian and didn't show him how to record video :-( In Hayden fashion he grabbed the mic from Sherry and went to town. I am in search of the video. If I find it I will post, it was so cute! I would like to ask for some prayers for Kevin. His father passed away last Tuesday, three days before the concert. How wonderful of him to still think of the children and still do the concert. The concert was dedicated to his dad and he sang a terrific song about him. Also, as you can see from the pics Kevin is looking very skinny. He has been sick for a few months, nothing cancer related though, praise God. Here is what is quoted from his website: "12.2.08 Kevin Recovering From Major Surgery: We are happy to report that Kevin is out of the hospital and at home resting after having major surgery on Thursday November 20th, 2008 (Vagotomy Subtotal Gastrectomy w/ Gastro Jejunoilleal-Bypass Roux-En-Y). Though Kevin hasn't been feeling well for several months now it was a recent second opinion that probably saved his life. It's important to know that the surgery was not cancer related but rather damage to the digestive system related to a severe acid and ulcer condition. Kevin wants to thank everyone for all your positive thoughts, prayers and continual love and support. You truly give him strength. His full recovery could take a few months (All shows and/or appearances will go forward as scheduled.) so we ask that you continue to keep him in your prayers."

Please keep Kevin and his family in your prayers. He is a great man and we wish him the best!

You will have to pause the music below to hear the video. The last part of the video you can barely see, but it is Hayden dancing. He had fun!! It was great to hear him sing along with the songs.

After the concert we got to get autographs and pictures. As Maddie asked him to sign her program he leaned into her and say, "Hey there! You're kinda cute!" and gave her a big smile. Maddie just shrugged her shoulders and smiled. Thank you Make A Wish Foundation, Thank You Kevin Sharp!! We had a fantastic time and we will cherish it forever. See you at the 8th Annual Make A Wish Truck Convoy. Can't wait!! < /p>


Anonymous said...

Dell family,
What a great guy Kevin is to all the kids and the Make a wish foundation. My deepest smypathies to Kevin and his family due to the recent loss of his father. Way to go Hayden and Maddie,can't get the videos to work but,I know it was awesome by the way your mom described. I will say a prayer for Kevin that he recovers quickly from his ill health and surgery.~Darlene~

Sherri said...

Hayden you stole the show. I am so glad you and your family enjoyed your time with us and thanks to the special thoughts and prayers for Kevin. He is truly and amazing person if only there were more Haydens and Kevins in th world! - Sherri