Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!!!!!!!!!!

We had a blast in the snow yesterday. No playing in it today though. There is a top layer of ice on it. All the schools are closed today. The kids are running around like lunatics. Here are some pics from yesterday.
Check out Maddie's face on this one!

Time for some warming up and some Hot Chocolate


Anonymous said...

Hi Dells,
It looks like fun in snow for all and to end it with hot chocolate says it all.

We have warmer temps here this week with the exception of the wind after dealing with -48 below and 48 inches of snow since the beginning of November. This winter we managed to break two records for the coldest temp and most snowfall in a month.

I will be keeping Hayden in my prayers for his upcoming surgery.

Take care,

Following Him said...

Glad they got some real snow to play with. Hope you survived the snow day :)