Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dang Girl.....You've Improved!

As some of you know Miss Maddie is playing Basketball again this year. She played in 1st and 2nd grade too. It was a basic skills league. Well this year she plays two games every weekend. She also practices twice a week. We are very impressed with how much she has improved just since the beginning of the season in December. All of the girls have improved tons. Last week they won their second game by one point. Talk about nerve racking!!! I don't know what I will do when she gets to high school! My heart was pounding and Iwas up and down in my seat. My mom was laughing at me, I just couldn't sit still. Maddie may be little, but she can pack a mean punch. She has really come out of her shell and we are so proud of her. Brian said she did awesome at practice Monday night too. She kept stealing the ball and dribbling down the court and making shots. The coaches asked Brian what he fed her because they said she was on fire. I don't think he told them we only had Hamburger Helper :-) Monday night is usually quick dinner night because I work, basketball, etc. Yada, yada, yada....I'll admit, I feed my kids junk sometimes......okay, a few times a week. I asked Maddie if the girl was mad that she kept stealing the ball from her. She shrugged her shoulders and said, "I don't know mom, but it's all part of the game." I'm thinking okay, you've improved and got wise? How did you grow up so fast?

Here she is in action....#11

This morning I was headed to the YMCA with the boys to work out. I went upstairs to get my socks and a sweatshirt. I was up there about 90 seconds. I came down stairs to find that someone got inot the cans and proceeded to do the following....................................

If you look at the picture above closely you can see the trail of chicken and stars soup. It leads from our kitchen through the dinning room, onto the living room carpet and onto the couch. The culprit.............................................. You guessed it ACTION JAXON!!!!!! He even has it on his feet. Let's just say Mama's was not very happy concidering yesterday Hayden got into the refrigerator to put his fake food in there. He went to move the full jug of lemonade and it fell on the floor, yes the lid popped off and yes lemonade was everywhere......did I mention the jug was FULL??!!

Boys will be boys I guess!!


Following Him said...

OH MY GOODNESS...boys will be boys!

Anonymous said...

Great Job Mads!!! One of these days, I'll get to one of your games to see you. Jaxon, Jaxon, Jaxon.....what is mommy going to do with you?? I would find it hard to stay mad at him with that adorable smile!
Aunt Nikki

Anonymous said...

Hey Dells,
Sounds like you got yourself a basketball player there. Julie,"Think college scholarships". Keep up the good work Maddie! Jaxon and Hayden,the two of you crack me up.....boys will be boys theres never a dull moment with them.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Way to go Mads!! Keep up the good work. You look good out there.
OH my, Jax. You really are your father's son!!!! Love you all, Nanny