Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Nana!!

My mom's birthday was today. Happy Birthday MOM!! (please don't kill me for putting your pictures on here!!) Thanks for everything you do for us. You are there in the drop of a hat if I need you for anything. You adore the kids as they adore you. You spoil them rotten. You are always there to play and goof off. You would give me the shirt off your back if I needed it and I love you for that. So Happy Birthday to a great, great woman!!
It is also my aunt Kathy (my mom's twin) Birthday too. Happy Birthday Aunt Kathy!!!!


Following Him said...

Glad Nana had a great birthday...she should be proud to see these picts that her daughter posted!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Nana/Auntie Kathie and wishing you many more. I hope you both had a wonderful day. Thanks for all you do.~Darlene~

Anonymous said...

Julie, thank you for remembering my birthday. You forgot to say that I was the younger twin though. Hope all Hayden's appts. go well this month.