Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Addiction

Sorry I have been slacking on blogging cute pics of our adorable children......I have found a new addiction. My name is Julie Dell and I am a Facebook Addict. It all started when a fellow mom on my WAGR Yahoo group started a "cause for WAGR Syndrome". It helps raise money for the IWSA. Now I am finding peole that I haven't seen in years and also chatting with people I see almost everday. I love it! Anywho, I haven't taken many pictures lately, but I promise to take some later this afternoon. We have snow and I promised the kids we would play after school. So, I am off to do some cleaning so we can freeze our buns off outside in a bit. Pictures tomorrow...I promise!

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Following Him said...

My name is Elyse and I am adding you to my FB friends right now. I have been on blogger/twitter/fb all morning since school was cancelled due to the ice storm!