Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Smell of Pine

We got our tree on Sunday. It was frigidly cold, but way to cold fun! The Strathmeyer Forest lets local Make a Wish families come pick out a tree for free. We were thrilled to take advantage of this great offer. The people there were so nice. I even got a decorated wreath to take home too. I love decorating the tree. We blare the Christmas music and get very silly. Jaxon really got into it this year and was thrilled when he finally got that first ornament to actually stay on the tree. Hayden wanted a picture with every ornament he put on the tree. Maddie always has "her" ornaments only "she" can put on. So funny! Enjoy the pics! My cute wreath!
We have many zebras for our tree since it is the WAGR "mascot"
For our Jerzee Girls, Catherine & Irma! After I took the picture Hayden said, "I want to send that picture to Cafrine!"
Each year the kids take turns putting on the Angel. This year it was Maddie's turn! This is a big job in our house!
All done!!
I thought this picture of Jaxon was neat!
Finished product. Now we wait to see if Santa brings gifts. Hayden actually woke up the next morning, looked under the tree and said, "Where are the presents?!"
Here is a cute video of the evening. You will have to pause the music below to hear the video.


Anonymous said...

Looks they really enjoyed trimming the tree.
I love the pic of Jax in the "glow" of the tree.
Guys - you need to send Nanny a list!!! A short one please! haha
Love you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dell's:

Happy Holidays from my house to yours.... I love the christmas tree,especially how beautifully decorated it is. Just to see the excitement on the faces of Maddie,Hayden,and Jaxon tops it off. Tis the season.

Merry Christmas Dell family. Sending my blessing for a healthy and happy new year~Darlene