Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Fun

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! We have had a great few days considering the stomach bug knocked on our door last Saturday night for the boys and Sunday night/Monday for me. Talk about feeling horrible! Luckily Brian nor Maddie caught the bug, but we did share it with my sister-in-law and our niece and nephew who were over Saturday for dinner before the whole thing started. Also my dad who stopped to visit on Tuesday morning ended up with it too. (Hey guys....don't say I never gave you anything!!:-) I think everyone is in the clear now. Christmas Eve we went to my sister's house for some yummy food and gift exchange. Jaxon and Hayd liked cousin Kayla's reindeer ears.
Jaxon got the cutest walking Pluto dog. It's so cute. He must have been dreaming about it that night while he was sleeping. I went to check on him and I heard him yell, "Pluto!" in his sleep.
Maddie and her High School Musical 3 DS game
Hayden...take the tags off first, silly boy!
Me, being a goofball with my new mixer!
That night, waiting for Santa. Maddie is sprinkling her reindeer food and glitter on the grass to help the reindeer find our house.
Don't forget the cookies, milk and carrots.....she had to make sure there were enough carrots for each reindeer!
The tree in the morning before the chaos began!
Glitter Lava, just what she wanted!
Bounce Back Racer Car.
Handy Manny Tool Set
One of the reindeer must have lost an antler outside our door!
Caught in a goofy pic again opening my awesome Pandora Bracelet
Daddy's turn. Brian's Birthday is on Christmas Day so his gifts were a mixture of birthday and Christmas.
Post Christmas Mess!!!!!!
Hayd & Jax both got fake hunting guns which is one of their favorite gifts. Hayden is shooting Maddie's deer Webkinz.
Jaxon with his shopping cart full of toys.
Maddie and Brian filling in Maddie's coin collection book.
Now it is time to get the house re-organized, go through toys, etc. Yay, fun! Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great christmas dispite the flu bug. Happy belated b-day Brian,hope you had a great day. I do have to say that my favorite pic is the one with Hayden and the webkinz deer~adorable. Have a Happy,safe,and peaceful 2009.