Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More Christmas

This Christmas seems to never end....but that's okay with me. I love all the get togethers. Last weekend we were very busy. Saturday we went ot Brian's Grandmothers in Maryland, to Brian's Mom's and to visit the Liberty #1 Fire Station (They are the ones who drove us on the Make A Wish Convoy) Then on Sunday we had another family Christmas Party. Busy, busy, busy!!
Maddie opening her gifts at Nanny's House
Hayden opening his Zebra
Jaxon opening his sleeping bag.
The kids, as usual, got spoiled by Nanny & Pap! Maddie got lots of craft things. Nanny made Jaxon an ABC/123 book (I will post pics later, it's so cute!), Hayden was excited to get a cd player for his room. He has been going up there by himself and sitting at his desk listening to it. Too funny! Here is a pic of the grandkids. Pic of Brian and his brothers.....I guess this is the original Dell5
This is Mr Brad from the fire station. We went up to give them some of the famous pumpkin cookies. To our surprise they had gifts for the kids. An ambulance for Hayd, rescue helicopter for Jax, and a nail & tatoo set for Mads. Thank you Mr Brad & Crew. You are too good to us!
Sunday we decked the kids out in their Yankee shirts and hats to go to my Aunt's party. After we got back the kids were bouncing off the walls. They decided to jump off the couch, (yes, I let unlike me, i know!)
Can you tell we are Jeter fans?? (Really it's just me!)
1, 2, 3, JUMP!!!!!! Hope you all have a fantastic New Year! Here's to good health and lots of happiness in 2009!!!

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