Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me Monday...It's Back!!!

Not Me Monday is back, now that Stellan is home (praise God!) from a five week stay in the hospital. Check out MckMama's blog to read about the miracle Stellan and to read more Not Me's!! We did not have a total blast at the Make A Wish Truck Convoy yesterday dispite the rain!!

I was not thrilled that Brian and I got soooo much done outside on Sat since the kids baseball games were cancelled because of the rain that never came!

I did not tell an almost potty trained Jaxon to peed in his pullup yesterday because I didn't want to take him to the gross port-a-potty!

I was not a bit freaked out on Monday when Hayden had all but one of the swine flu symptoms, Dr K did not assure me it wasn't that....but was pneumonia.

I did not lie to Maddie and tell her, "No, I don't mind the dentist" as we walked into our appointment on Thursday......can I tell you I hate the sound of scraping those medal utensils on teeth.....drives me batty!!

Last but not least....Jaxon has not had Fruit Loops everyday the past week for breakfast because that's what the boy wanted and nothing else!


Following Him said...

Telling an almost potty trained to go in his pants...I don't blame you! Yuck...porta potties! Hope Hayden is feeling much bettwe this week :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie,

Thanks for the warning of the loud sirens. Looks like everyone had a great time. I would let Hayden play with the sirens to on my patrol blazer in a heartbeat, what a kid. He may grow up to be a firefight.

take care,