Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Make A Wish Trip to Disney Day 2

Sunday April 5, 2009 ~ After a restless night's sleep, for me anyway, we got up at 8:00am and ate breakfast at the hotel. We showered and caught the 11:00am shuttle to the airport. We had the kids decked out the their Make A wish t-shirts.
As we checked in and approached the security gates the lines were long, but low and behold the kids did a fantastic job waiting in line. After checking in we grabbed some lunch and waited to board the plane. We had great seats on the plane, right at the front. As we started down the runway the kids were getting very excited. On take off Hayden listened to his headphones as Maddie was in awe of everything getting smaller. Jaxon was so funny....he giggled with delight. He also figured out how to plug in the headphones to listen to the radio on the plane. He started funny! The plane ride and the kids were great. Two different ladies complimented us on how well the kids did. I was delighted to hear them say that. I was nervous about how they would be for the ride. The Give Kids The World Greeter was there to meet us. Leslie was amazing as she helped us with everything we needed to do, get our bags, get our rental van, and give us directions. She was super sweet and a breath of fresh air! Thank you Leslie!!!

Our rental van

We arrived at Give Kids The World Village around 4:45pm. Miss Laura checked us in and showed us the ropes telling us all about what would be in store for us that week. She showed us our awesome villa. It was like home sweet home!
We then took at little stroll down the Avenue of Angels to check out the village we would be spending the next few days in.
House of Hearts (the main desk where you check in and where you get assistance)
Julie's Safari Theatre (where you can watch movies and where we first met Mickey and Minnie)
Ice Cream Palace (Where we got ice cream everynight!) Castle of Miracles (play area, where the spa is and where all the golden stars are hung...that will be in a later post) Matthew's Boundless Playground (This is based off the game CandyLand. The playground is a layout of the game.) Gingerbread House (Where we ate breakfast and supper) Inside the GB House Pictures from the carousel that you can ride everyday, all day long.....for free!!!
After dinner we hit the CandyLand Block Party. We actually got to be the players in the CandyLand game. The kids had a blast. They also had music blaring and of course Hayden took full advantage of shaking his booty!
We were only at GKTW Village for a few hours and already we were having a blast! After the party we of course got some ice cream and tucked the kids into bed to get ready for Monday, our first full day here and the day Hayden gets his wish....TO KNOCK ON MICKEY'S DOOR!!


Following Him said...

AMAZING...looks like your wish came true! The kids are so cute with their giggles/expressions/smiles!

Regina said...

We had stayed at The exact same villa in March of 2007 for our son's make a wish. He was diagnosed in June 2006 with acute lymphoblastic Leukemia. What we loved about That villa was The pool right in The back yard. We re visited there a few months ago. We went to disney for my son's 9th birthday. Hope all is well with your family and you lil make a wish star. Our son completed chemo a few wks ago

Kim said...

Thanks so much for such a detailed view of the villas. Three grandparents are joining us for my son's wish to Disney in February and we weren't sure we'd all be able to fit comfortably. I can tell we will from your video!

Did you stay at GKTW every night for dinner? We're thinking of making reservations at some park restaurants. Did you do this? Any more info from your trip would be great.

Over-planning Mama

Dell5 said...

Kim ~ We did actually go back to GKTW for dinner every night. We would head back around 6. Not sure how old your son is, but our kids were exhausted by then so we went back, ate, and then hung out around GKTW. They loved, loved, loved the candyland playground there, so we were there almost every night! We probably would have made park restaurant reservations if our kids were older and if we had someone else along. It's more of a hassle at their ages to go out to eat and sit to wait for food! Not relaxing at all to me :)

Calvin said...

Me and my two daughters will be going on December 27. Your page and detailed info on what to expect is a great help.