Friday, May 22, 2009

T-ball and Science Fairs, and Baseball...Oh My!!!

Hayden is loving t-ball. He gets excited everytime we tell him he has practice or a game. Brian is coaching his team which Hayden loves. The last game Brian started to get them to hit the ball with him pitching instead of using the "t". The first pitch Brian threw to Hayden he hit it. I totally wasn't expecting it. I wanted to video tape it , but I got a picture instead.

Hayden's next up I had video ready.....he didn't hit with the pitches, but cracked one out with the "t". Some funny & cute things to watch.....

-How the other kids are chanting Hayden's name! -Hayden hands the bat to the other coach instead of throwing it down (he does this everytime!) so cute!

-Once Hayden gets on second and the next player is up he doesn't run to third. The other kid on the base is telling him, "go to third!"

-How Hayd jumps on every base.

-How excited he is to come home!

I will treasure this video forever!!

The next few pics are what Hayden does in the outfield!

Chewing on his glove! Again....chewing on his glove!
I have no clue what he is doing here........

Maddie had her science fair at school last night. Her experiment was, "Which paper towel absorbs the most liquid?" (it's Viva Paper Towels by the way!) All the kids got trophies. Maddie loves to get them and add them to her collection.

Maddie is also playing baseball. She doesn't care for it much, but she is one of the best ones on her team. Last game she was 3 for 3 in hits and she threw a couple of kids out at first. The best part is........yep.....SHE"S A YANKEE!!!!! Are you loving the pink bat or what??!!


Anonymous said...

Julie this is so cute! I love the video,what a treasure. Hayden, you are a charm little man.

Maddie, "congrats" on your science project. Thanks for the tip on the best paper towels. Continue to keep up the good work in baseball,you look like a pro player in that uniform.~Darlene

Following Him said...

Hayden is just too cute! His face looks so proud :) CONGRATS to Maddie on her science project! Learned something new about the paper towels too!

Have a great weekend!

Sue Moul said...

First of all, there is nothing good about a Yankee...RedSox all the way!! :-)

Hayden was too cute in the video! Brought tears to my eyes watching him be a "regular kid"...he is such an awesome kid, a true inspiration to all!

WTG Maddie on the science fair! Always been a Bounty paper towel fan at my house though!!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!

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