Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Attempt at Blogging

I decided to start blogging the day and the life of the Dell Five. Hayden's Caringbridge site will be for medical stuff and the blog, well for everything else complete with pictures. I thought it would be cool to have to show the kids when they get older....ya know for blackmailing purposes! So I hope you enjoy reading about our sometimes boring, sometimes hectic, sometimes serious, and sometime silly life. Julie


duffyl said...

You and your family are amazing! The pictures are awesome. I hope Hayden had a great first day. I know Maddie will have a good first day as well. My crew start on Monday. Lauren is now driving. She got her license in July and Michael is now about 2" taller than I am. Where does time go. I had a great lunch with Jody T. on Sunday. It was wonderful to get caught up. I hope you are well. You look very happy! Take care and stop in next time you need a prescription. Talk to you soon!

Catherine said...

Dear Julie,

Love the pictures of the kids and the recipe is a bonus!

Take care, Catherine