Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Dear and Her Deer

Hunting season is in full swing and this year with the PA Mentor Program Brian decided to take Maddie out on her first deer hunt. Maddie got her own crossbow and practiced through the summer. She seems to be a natural as her aim is quiet good! She may even show her dad up!

Brian showing Maddie the ropes as they venture out on their first hunt!

Of course she had to bring along the DS to pass the time!

View through the scope

Getting ready.

On their first few hunts they saw a good bit of deer, but none were in shooting range and most were doe. The rules say Maddie can only shoot a buck, so they were just waiting for that perfect moment and perfect shot.

Maddie out on her third hunt. Gotta love the pink boots! It was pretty chilly out and the only thing she had to wear were the boots. We laughed as she came down the steps. You will never be able to take the "Girl" out of Maddie.

Practicing her aim.

The blind Brian and Maddie built before the hunt. Little did they know that this was the night......

that Maddie......

would aim......


and SCORE!!!!!!!!!

Maddie and her first buck!!!!!!!! She made the perfect shot!!!!!!

Proud Maddie and her Dad!!!!!!!

I didn't believe her when she called and told me she got one. How excitng! The local newspaper even did an article on her that ran on the front page of the sports section. We are so proud of her. She credits it all to the pink boots. They are now her lucky boots!


Anonymous said...

"Congrats" Maddie on your buck,love the pink boots. Keep it up kiddo and you will out do daddy and his friends.

* side note* Julie,there was a 12 year old girl in Minnestota that got her first moose and made a world record it weighed over ll00 pounds. She out did all the men who hunt for moose,thought I would share this with you.

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I see her having fun.

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